About Final Touch

FinalTouch is an all-in-one AI solution for your photo creation and post-production needs. Our mission is to enable users of any skill level to effortlessly design unique and on-brand visuals, whether or not they have design expertise. FinalTouch leverages the capabilities of generative AI for product photography. Our tool enables users to upload their product photos, and download captivating scenes that drive sales – all without the need for professional photography. 

Our team of expert developers and designers is committed to establishing FinalTouch as the go-to solution for media creation and post-production. We continuously iterate and enhance the tool based on feedback, ensuring a seamless experience for our growing community of users.

As a part of Cloudinary’s New Ventures department, FinalTouch takes pride in developing accessible image editing tools for every SMB marketer. Our groundbreaking generative brand-aware tool is the first of its kind, placing us at the forefront of this innovative technology.

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