Using an AI Photo Generator for Ecommerce Personalization

September 11, 2023 in How To

Using an AI Photo Generator for Ecommerce Personalization

How using an AI photo generator helps personalize your eCommerce product images. And why does it matter?

In a crowded landscape, personalizing your product photos can make all the difference. And it’s not just about looking good. It’s about creating visual experiences that buyers can identify with.

As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. But a personalized product image tells a tailored story that your customer understands and wants to be a part of.

The Link Between Personalization and Revenue

When customers can relate to your product photos, conversions increase. McKinsey research has shown that fast growing companies derive 40% more of their revenue from personalization than their competitors. But it’s not easy to create genuinely intimate online experiences that earn customer loyalty.

One of the most important personalization strategies is creating rich visual experiences. AI has emerged as a way to customize and personalize product photos, easily and at scale. Tools like FinalTouch, an AI photo generator, enable eCommerce brands to take what they know about customer preferences and embed it into product imagery. Best of all, this can now be done with nothing more than plain product photos and a few clicks.

Let’s take a look at why so many brands are making the transition to AI product photography, and what they’re gaining in the process. 

The Benefits of Using AI for Personalized Product Images

AI enables eCommerce businesses to create a consistent brand image. They can also create as many product images as they need, without escalating costs. It also makes it possible for marketing teams to be agile and respond quickly to customer preferences. 

Expressing brand consistency through product photos

An inconsistent brand is a forgettable brand. With FinalTouch, businesses can create a consistent theme across their entire product catalog. It’s as simple as uploading a product photo, and then choosing a scene. It’s important to base this choice on what you know about your customers, their preferences and interests.

An AI Photo Generator can offer multiple backgrounds and scenes

If you pick the right one, the result is more than just an image – it’s an experience. Every image carries the brand’s signature vibe, fostering recognition and trust amongst consumers.

More product photos, fewer costs

Setting up a new photo shoot for every new product, season or theme is expensive and time consuming. The costs of hiring photographers and designing sets add up quickly. But with AI, it’s possible to side-step these costs. Tools like FinalTouch that offer AI photo generators enable you to embed plain product photos in customized settings in a few clicks.

Being flexible enough to keep up with customer needs

A static approach to eCommerce is a recipe for stagnation. To win, businesses need to be agile, adapting to new trends and consumer preferences. With AI-based photo generators, companies are no longer shackled to a single theme. They can effortlessly test varied backgrounds and aesthetics, measuring which ones resonate the most with their target audience.

A Case in Point: Wearable Tech

It’s not uncommon for a great product to find new use cases once it’s on the market. When that happens, it’s an opportunity to expand market share. But to access that new revenue, companies need to be agile.

Consider the rise of wearable tech and smart jewelry with connectivity features. Companies in this space began producing rings and bracelets. These items could connect to smartphones to provide notifications through subtle vibrations and light patterns. These pieces of smart jewelry became popular because they were both fashionable and functional.

Soon, these capabilities became increasingly attractive for fitness enthusiasts. As a result, manufacturers began adapting their products to include step counting and heart rate monitoring.

With solutions like FinalTouch, making a pivot of this kind is easier than ever. Brands no longer need to invest in a total overhaul of their existing digital product image catalogs. Instead, they can recast their existing product photos in new scenes that resonate with their new customers’ lifestyles. 

FinalTouch: One-Click AI Product Photo Generation for Modern eCommerce Brands

AI is not just another tool. It’s a transformative force. By offering personalized product images with minimal effort, FinalTouch creates brand consistency and enhances the customer experience. 

In an age where personalization is key, our platform ensures that your brand speaks to your audience. Sign up for free early access to experience it for yourself today.

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