Image matters: Upgrade Furniture Photography with AI backdrops

February 6, 2024 in How To

Image matters: Upgrade Furniture Photography with AI backdrops

From Concept to Click

AI tools are becoming increasingly useful to keep up with consumer trends in the furniture products industry. If you are looking for a competitive edge, consider streamlining your furniture product photography function and image editing processes with the use of AI generated backgrounds and AI image enhancements.

With digital consumption being so fast-paced, a high quality visual can be the difference between a click, versus losing a potential customer in a scroll. Furniture product photos should transcend mere visuals, transporting consumers into a realm of possibilities and storytelling that best showcase features such as craftsmanship, materiality, and design.

Then versus now

Traditionally, methods of media creation and photographing furniture required you to hire a professional photographer, who would develop a staging environment based on your concept. The professional would then navigate complex visual elements to stage and photograph, and even after post production there is no guarantee that the end visual would truly meet your brief. 

An AI image tool generator allows you to focus on finessing product images. With this sole focus you are given the flexibility to explore endless photographic and backdrop customizations, in seconds. Streamlining a once-long-winded process has enabled many businesses to scale their product photography operations significantly, whilst reducing media creation costs.

What are AI backdrops exactly?

AI backdrops are simplifying media production and editing processes which would ordinarily require multiple professionals such as a photographer, staging team and graphic designer to complete. By simply uploading your product photo, the AI tool will remove the background and allow you to start generating realistic realities – known as AI backdrops – behind your product image. The best part is you do not need any prior design expertise to create professional photo-realistic images.

With all the time saved by harnessing AI’s capabilities, you also gain the freedom to finely craft brand visuals to be exactly in-line with each campaign. 

AI backdrops are specifically modeled to accentuate the inherent beauty of furniture pieces. Through the use of sophisticated algorithms, they offer the ability to preserve essential brand details, emphasize distinct color palettes, and impeccably correct product nuances.  The images generated appear authentic with the creation of a natural light source to anchor your product within the scene. Alternatively, you can add a white background behind uploaded images to highlight product details.

Examples: Provide examples or case studies showing the improvement in aesthetics.

Practical Applications in Furniture Photography (100 words)

With buying power continually shifting towards generations who predominantly consume content online, the online shopping experience is of utmost importance. Strengthen brand trust and consumer confidence with AI enhanced 4K images, provide multiple visualizations to adapt to different preferences, and enable customers to engage in an online world where they are inspired to imagine.

Marketers can finally transition product visuals between seasons and trends effortlessly. This seamless integration opens up countless opportunities for thoughtful storytelling, advanced strategizing and product testing. With A/B testing made quick and easy, an increase in optimisations and conversions is almost guaranteed. 

Final Touch

Final Touch’s AI backdrop tool is redefining furniture photography. Customizing visualizations with AI-generated backdrops and AI image enhancements creates brand alignment and consistency. Beyond visuals, furniture photos become immersive narratives, tailored to give consumers a realistic impression of your furniture piece. 

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Join the revolution

Are you ready to elevate your photography brand experience? Whether you are an editing beginner, marketer or even photographer you can embrace the power of AI efficiency. Streamline processes, scale operations, and reduce costs while crafting brand-aligned visuals. Use AI-generated backdrops to transform your furniture photography and create brand uplift. Try it now and unlock the potential of AI in your furniture photography journey.

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