How to Edit Product Photos: E-commerce Entrepreneurs Discover the Power of AI Image Tools

April 18, 2023 in How To

How to Edit Product Photos: E-commerce Entrepreneurs Discover the Power of AI Image Tools

Savvy e-commerce store owners know the indisputable fact that eye-catching product photography fuels conversions. A captivating photo can elevate the perceived value of your products, making your online store appear more credible. And since customers can’t physically interact with your products, it’s up to you to bring them to life on the digital stage. Getting these flawless shots, however, is no cakewalk. It often involves investing in high-end cameras or expensive mobile phones, expert photographers, or studio space. 

Taking a fantastic photo, though, is only the beginning. To set your products apart, you’ll need to polish your images and create visual assets for your store, social media, and email campaigns. Fear not; you don’t need a graphic design background.

Here are some known and lesser known tools you can use to edit product photos on Shopify and Etsy, and some new AI image tools too. 

Which Tools and Software are Available for Product Photo Editing?

Photoshop Express

When it comes to photo editing, Adobe Photoshop has long been the gold standard. In fact, the software is so ubiquitous that it has even become a verb for manipulating and refining photos! However, it can be expensive and difficult to navigate, especially for newcomers. Enter Photoshop Express, the pared-back and user-friendly alternative.

Photoshop Express differentiates itself from its more complex sibling by being accessible, easy to use, and offering both free and premium versions.Users can effortlessly adjust light and color balance, experiment with framing options, and apply transformation tools. Furthermore, the app allows seamless text addition, making creative designs so much easier.

For your social media campaigns, Photoshop Express offers tons of cropping presets tailored to popular platforms.

Photoshop Express has its limitations. For instance, users may find retouching capabilities lacking. Additionally, unlocking more advanced features requires a subscription, which may deter some.


This open-source gem is a great alternative to Adobe Photoshop, with a treasure trove of professional tools without the hefty price tag.

With GIMP, you have the creative freedom to retouch and edit product images. And, with compatibility with GNU/Linux, OS X, and Windows, you can use it on almost any device.

One of GIMP’s most significant advantages is its powerful suite of photo enhancement tools. These features let you easily correct any distortions or imperfections in your images. GIMP’s digital retouching capabilities enable you to quickly and efficiently remove any unwanted details from your photos.

However, GIMP can be somewhat tricky for beginners – it’s a complex tool that requires a few tutorials to get the highest value out of it. Its UI isn’t the most intuitive and it’s a bit outdated compared to its competitors.

For e-commerce merchants with busy schedules, GIMP is not exactly a tool you can use on the go. To use GIMP, you must download it on your desktop/laptop even though the file is not as large as some other editing tools. In order to create transparent backgrounds or change your photo background, you need to follow quite a few steps.

Furthermore, GIMP’s digital retouching capabilities enable you to quickly and efficiently remove any unwanted details from your photos.


Pixlr is an efficient online photo editing tool that caters to both professionals and beginners. Available for download on your smartphone, Pixlr is the perfect companion for on-the-go editing for e-commerce brands that need to create captivating photos while juggling inventory, emails, shipping, and everything in between.

The tool’s features are designed to let you create product photos and visuals for your shop, ads, social media posts, and more. With a wide selection of effects, adjustments, filters, and retouching tools, Pixlr makes it a cinch to create polished images. The tool also features AI image generation and batch background removal from multiple images.

The user-friendly interface enables you to make quick fixes and adjustments with just a few taps. While the app’s pre-made filters are impressive and the free stock images provided are of surprisingly high quality, Pixlr’s template selection could use some expansion, and the app can be buggier than some of its competitors.


Canva has become widely popular in recent years as a user-friendly graphic design tool. It offers a range of features that enable the creation of marketing assets such as brochures, infographics, presentations, and websites, simply and affordably. E-commerce sellers or creative designers can use the huge library of ready-to-use templates, elements, videos, audio, and graphic tools.

Almost all functions can be performed with a single click or drag-and-drop and when it comes to photo editing, users can conveniently upload their own images, although the available editing options are fairly basic, like adjustments for contrast, saturation, and brightness.

Nevertheless, Canva’s photo editing tools lack the advanced features offered by competing platforms. You’ll have to pay for extra features like background removal and filters. There are some essential elements missing from both the free version and the Canva Pro plan. If you want to download a photo with a transparent background, you’ll need a Pro account. 


Edit@Scale by Cloudinary Labs is an innovative AI-powered image tool crafted specifically for e-commerce businesses. Tailored for product photos, this batch editor makes editing multiple images at once a breeze. Looking to enhance your product shots without the hassle? Edit@Scale effortlessly adds or removes backgrounds, giving your products the spotlight they deserve.

The tool’s drag-and-drop or click-to-select features make uploading images and backgrounds straightforward. Try the prompt tool and within moments, its AI algorithm revamps your images with stunning backgrounds, ideal for any online storefront.

E-commerce sellers seeking efficiency and elevated visuals should definitely give Editor@Scale a try.

How to Edit the Background and Scenes of a Product Photo: Exploring FinalTouch, an AI Tool for E-Commerce and Product Photography

Given the growth of AI solutions for use in e-commerce, the process of modifying product photographs is now less time-consuming and more creative than ever before. 

Take FinalTouch, for example—an AI-powered product photo editor designed to streamline your editing process.

Upload your product photo to FinalTouch, and it generates multiple images featuring visually appealing backgrounds and scenes instantly—no need to fuss over background removal. You can keep requesting more images until you find the perfect match. And say goodbye to creative blocks; each generated image is distinct and tailored to captivate your target audience. FinalTouch also offers a hi-res format for download.

High-quality product photographs are the cornerstone of a successful e-commerce business. Learning how to edit product photos using AI technologies like FinalTouch makes the drudgework lighter, allowing you to have more time and resources to invest in marketing and growing your business.

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