Leveraging AI Product Image Generator for eCommerce Sites & Digital Product Catalogs

September 11, 2023 in How To

Leveraging AI Product Image Generator for eCommerce Sites & Digital Product Catalogs

How much time do you spend optimizing digital product catalogs?

Most likely, it’s too much. But the good news is that there is a way to reclaim that time, without compromising on the quality of your brand’s product images. Here, we’re examining the creative and commercial benefits of AI product image generators.

Scale and Quality: How Generative AI is Changing the Game for Product Image Creation

In the world of eCommerce, a single glance can make or break a sale. Digital product images are the first and most important touchpoint for potential customers, and they only have a small window of opportunity to land a winning impression that motivates a click. But curating high-quality digital product catalogs gets more complex the more products you have on offer. In the past, solving this meant investing more time and money in product photography, design and editing.

But generative AI is rapidly changing that, empowering eCommerce businesses and their in-house teams to scale production while actually enhancing quality and consistency. This is the win-win that we’re exploring in this article.

How Generative AI Streamlines Image Creation for Large Digital Catalogs

If your eCommerce website boasts a range of products, creating individualized images to cover color options, angles, and sizes for each one is a highly resource-intensive process. But it’s also a necessary one: eBay research confirms that when customers see a large number of high-quality product images, conversion rates go up. Some studies have shown an increase of up to 60% when images accompany product information. 

Until fairly recently, that meant companies had to scale up design resources and editing time in order for their websites and social media to keep up with customer expectations. And while this investment brings more conversions, it also carries its own significant costs – a dilemma every eCommerce owner knows only too well. 

But that was the past. We’re now firmly in the generative AI era. AI image tools like FinalTouch are able to quickly generate professional product scenes from a simple product photo. These are the just-in-time solutions eCommerce stores are now using to slash the time they spend on image creation, while also ensuring consistent quality across entire product lists and even print catalogs.  

The Business Benefits of AI Integration

As in every other domain, AI brings game-changing advantages for eCommerce brands. 

Firstly, automating image production reduces time-to-market significantly, by eliminating the need for photoshoots and lengthy editing. New products can now be introduced to the catalog with minimal lead time, enabling greater agility and faster response to customer trends.

Once products are in the catalog, AI tools like FinalTouch make it easy to update product scenes to capitalize on seasonal trends or promote large sales. This simplifies image production for big events in the eCommerce calendar. FinalTouch is introducing holiday themes that make it easy to create these seasonal updates.

AI Product Image Generator

Businesses can also use these tools to give customers a richer visual experience of their products. Improving customer experience reduces product returns and boosts brand loyalty. 

Finding the Right Generative Image AI Tools for Your eCommerce Needs: a Checklist for Buyers

There is no shortage of generative image AI tools on the market. This gives eCommerce owners a wide range of choice, but it also means that you can afford to be selective. Here are some questions to help you pick the right tool for your brand:

How accurate and realistic are the images?

Your AI-generated images must resemble the actual products or create realistic scenes . When expectations and reality don’t line up, you could disappoint your customers.

Is the solution scalable?

Whether you have a vast inventory already, or you’re planning to expand, you need a tool that can keep up.

Is the output really mine?

Before you can use AI-generated images, you need to be certain that they are unique, truly yours, and not in breach of any copyright. 

At FinalTouch, we have crafted a platform that meets all of these needs for your product scenes. It’s an AI product image generator and all it takes is a simple upload of your product images, and FinalTouch does the rest. The platform generates realistic, visually stunning scenes that showcase your products. Once you identify the look and style that best align with your brand, you can easily proliferate them across your entire digital product catalog in moments.  Sign up for free early access to find out why so many eCommerce owners, marketers and content creators are now powering their product image creation with FinalTouch. 

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